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Welcome to the official Caffeinated3D Wiki.

Consult the Wiki rules for a guideline on how to edit and use this wiki. Here you can view general information pertaining to the operation of the C3D platform. C3D is a fully functioning programming language which captures the true essence of simplicity with power. The natural successor to the BlitzBasic languages, C3D lends itself to a very easy structure so that developers with little or no experience can jump straight in and be able to create complex programs with the same power as c++ without all the headaches. The engine has integrated Vulkan API support for advanced rendering, allowing the user to create advanced and beautiful games and simulations with ease.

Getting Started

Starting a project with a new engine can be quite a challenge, especially if you need to guess constantly. This section of the documentation focuses on the engine and how everything works, from Tools to Project Structure. By the end of this you'll hopefully be able to understand what needs doing and more importantly, how to do it.